Kevin Boehm



Kevin takes a scientific approach to auto racing and substantiates everything he does with data. Every time Kevin is on track he is collecting data in order to refine both his technique and vehicle. His invaluable feedback has helped RV6 refine and improve our product development process.

Kevin is running the following RV6 parts

RV6™ 17+ Civic FK8 Type-R 2.0T FK8 Rear Camber Arm
RV6™ 17+ Civic Type-R 2.0T FK8 Adjustable Chromoly Rear Sway Bar With Billet Endlinks
RV6™ FK8 Rear Trailing Arm Spherical Bushings
RV6™ 17+ Civic Type-R 2.0T FK8 Rear Knuckle Spherical Bushing
RV6™ 17+ Civic Type-R 2.0T FK8 Rear Toe Control Arms
RV6™ CivicX Front Lower Control Arm Spherical Bushing
RV6™ 16+ CivicX Solid Front Compliance Mount
RV6 Custom turbo-back exhaust
RV6 Downpipe

Here are a few highlights of his work:

Wins (updated October 2020)

Engineering Projects

You can read additional details about his work and adventures on the blog.