KTuner V1.2 Flash End User Kit for 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo

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KTuner for 16+ Civic 1.5 Turbo CVT and MT

KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road.

See Dyno testing results at the bottom of the page.


An asterisk next to an ECU number signifies that an appointment will need to be made in order to retrieve the ECU data. Part numbers for usable ECUs include:
North America Civic 1.5T  
2017MT37820-5AA-A01 through A08
  37820-5AN-A01 through A04
  37820-5AN-A11 through A14
2016+CVT37820-5AA-A51 through A58
  37820-5AA-L51 through L58
  37820-5AA-A61 through A68
  37820-5AA-L61 through L68
  37820-5AN-A51 through A53
  37820-5AN-A61 through A63
  37820-5AN-L51 through L53
  37820-5AN-L61 through L63
  37820-5AN-A81 through A83
  37820-5AN-L81 through L83
  37820-5AN-B51 through B53
  37820-5AN-951 through 953
 MT37820-5AA-C01 through C08
  37820-5AN-C01 through C04
  37820-5AN-C11 through C14
  37820-5AN-C31 through C34
  37820-5AA-K01 through K08
  37820-5AA-K11 through K18
  37820-5AA-K21 through K28
  37820-5AA-X01 through X08
  37820-5AF-H11 through H13
  37820-5AN-E11 through E13
  37820-5AN-G21 through G22
 CVT37820-5AA-C51 through C58
  37820-5AA-C61 through C68
  37820-5AA-K51 through K58
  37820-5AA-K61 through K68
  37820-5AA-K71 through K78
  37820-5AA-X51 through X57
  37820-5AF-B51 through B53
  37820-5AF-H81 through H83
  37820-5AN-E61 through E62
  37820-5AN-G51 through G52
  37820-5AN-G71 through G72
  37820-5AN-G91 through G92

KTuner feature matrix for 16+ Civic 1.5T (BETA means the feature is currently in testing phases):

FeatureFinalBETA End UserDealer TuningReflash
Real-Time LoggingX  XX 
Ignition/Fuel TuningX  XXX
Throttle Control Quick AdjustmentX  XXX
Rev Limiter SettingsX  XXX
2-Step SettingsX  XXX
Full Throttle Shift Limiter (MT Only)X  XXX
Boost TargetsX  XXX
Boost By GearX  XXX
Turbo Responsiveness Quick AdjustmentX  XXX
Turbo Ramp Quick AdjustmentX  XXX
Turbo Spool Quick AdjustmentX  XXX
Closed Loop ControlX  XXX
Disable SensorsX  XXX
Fuel Cut ParametersX  XXX
Fuel Correction ParametersX  XXX
Ignition Correction ParametersX  XXX
Idle Control ParametersX  XXX

Speed Limiter removed. Please adhere to your tire speed limitations and note this feature is for off-road use only.

End User Adjustability Is Now Available!
This package includes three started maps, 16.5PSI, 18PSI, and 21PSI. Also included are quick adjustments that give you easy levels of control for throttle response, partial throttle boost response, and turbo spool. Pick the combo of settings that’s right for your testing needs!

We are currently offering three research calibrations with more to come in the future. Both can be ran with 87 octane fuel, but running 91+ will give the best results.
Stage 0 (CVT):
Improved throttle response
Reduced turbo lag
Improved low-end and midrange torque
Smoothed boost curve, 15psi
Producing a much more sporty feel and drivability

Stage 1 (CVT and MT):
Improved throttle response
Removed throttle dampening on low end, better performance off the line
Reduced turbo lag
Improved low-end and midrange torque
Boost raised to 18psi
Producing a much more sporty feel, drivability, and additional top end power!

Stage 2 (CVT and MT):
Improved throttle response
Removed throttle dampening on low end, better performance off the line
Reduced turbo lag with aggressive spool up
Improved low-end and midrange torque
Boost raised to 21psi
Producing a much more sporty feel, drivability, and additional top end power!

Flash Back To Stock At Any Time

Dyno Results
Stage 1 MT Results:
Stage 1
Stage 2 MT Results:
Stage 2

Notes: Due to testing with a CVT the numbers are skewed since RPM did not match up on the top end. Tested in the brazilian market where the Civic X is detuned from the factory, so factory numbers are lower. These test results are to give an indication of real gains with our platform.

Brazil – Factory vs Stage 1

Stage 2

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