KTunerFlash V2 Touch End User Kit for 9th gen 13-17 Accord I4 (2.4L)

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The KTunerFlash V2 Touch Unit is the new All-In-One solution from KTuner.

North America    
2013 i4 MT 37820-5A2-A01 through A06
    37820-5A2-A11 through A16
  CVT 37820-5A2-A51 through A59
    37820-5A2-A61 through A69
    37820-5A2-A71 through A79 *Sport
    37820-5A2-A81 through A89
    37820-5A3-L51 through L59
    37820-5A3-L61 through L69
    37820-5A3-L71 through L79 *Sport
    37820-5A3-L81 through L89
2014 MT 37820-5A2-B01 through B02
    37820-5A2-B11 through B12
  CVT 37820-5A2-B51 through B52
    37820-5A2-B61 through B62
    37820-5A2-B71 through B72 *Sport
    37820-5A2-B81 through B82
    37820-5A3-L11 through L12
    37820-5A3-L21 through L22
    37820-5A3-L31 through L32 *Sport
    37820-5A3-L41 through L42
    37820-5A2-G51 through G52
    37820-5A2-G61 through G62
    37820-5A2-G71 through G72 *Sport
    37820-5A2-G81 through G82
2015 MT 37820-5A0-A01 through A04
    37820-5A0-A11 through A14
    37820-5A0-C01 through C04
    37820-5A0-C11 through C14
    37820-5A0-L01 through L04
    37820-5A0-L11 through L14
  CVT 37820-5A0-A51 through A53
    37820-5A0-A61 through A63
    37820-5A0-A71 through A73 *Sport
    37820-5A0-A81 through A83
    37820-5A0-C51 through C53
    37820-5A0-C61 through C63
    37820-5A0-C71 through C73 *Sport
    37820-5A0-C81 through C83
    37820-5A1-L51 through L53
    37820-5A1-L61 through L63
    37820-5A1-L71 through L73 *Sport
    37820-5A1-L81 through L83
2016-17 MT 37820-5A0-B01 through B04 *Sport
    37820-5A0-B11 through B14
  CVT 37820-5A0-B21 through B25
    37820-5A0-B31 through B35
    37820-5A0-B41 through B45
    37820-5A0-B51 through B55
    37820-5A0-B61 through B65 *Sport
    37820-5A0-B71 through B75
    37820-5A0-B81 through B85
    37820-5A0-B91 through B95
    37820-5A0-L31 through L34
    37820-5A0-L41 through L44
    37820-5A0-L51 through L54
    37820-5A0-L61 through L64
    37820-5A0-L61 through L64
2013-15 MT 37820-5A2-R11 through R14
    37820-5A2-K01 through K04
2013-15 CVT/AT 37820-5A2-F51 through F52
    37820-5A2-F61 through F62
    37820-5A2-X71 through X72
    37820-5A2-X81 through X82
    37820-5B2-K51 through K54
    37820-5B2-K61 through K64
    37820-5B2-K91 through K94
    37820-5B2-M51 through M54
    37820-5B2-R61 through R64
    37820-5B2-R81 through R84
    37820-5B2-Y51 through Y54
    37820-5B2-Y61 through Y64
    37820-5B2-Y71 through Y74
    37820-5B2-Y91 through Y94
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The KTunerFlash V2 Touch features a 5″ touchscreen display that can show essential sensor data in real-time as a digital dash display. Though it’s meant as a handheld a simple Dual-T bracket can be added to allow mounting on a variety of inexpensive Dual-T mounts.

Through a simple to use touch interface you can choose between different layouts, multiple data items, and even color options on layouts that support color changes.

Via full integration with our KTuner Tuning Software you are able to load the factory tune and multiple custom tunes to the KTunerFlash V2 Touch allowing you to switch tunes without the need for a laptop. Easily flash back to factory with the touch of the screen. If you’re making quick changes or on the dyno you can also flash through the KTunerFlash V2 Touch without having to load the tune to the unit first, as a pass-through device.

5 Programmable LEDs can be set to show any combination of colors (RGB) and even allow for fading between a start and end color based on your settings. Customizable intensity settings for each breakpoint allow you to fade in or out at your desired breakpoints. Warnings allow an LED to flash rapidly to easily grab your attention. This can be used for shiftlights, an overheat warning, overboost warning, and other options.

KTunerFlash V2 Touch features On Board Logging With Programmable On/Off Parameters for recording datalogs without a laptop! We allow up to 1000 datalogs to be recorded with no limit on length, so you’ll never miss a beat. Quickly enable or disable on board logging from the menu and once your parameters are met it will record all essential data for later review.

KTunerFlash V2 Touch has built-in bluetooth integration. With a supporting app, like TunerView for Android ($5), you are also able to add additional gauge integration for real-time data display and more. The TunerView app allows you to use your Android device as a video camera and overlay real-time data from the KTunerFlash V2 Touch.

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